Wisconsin Swallowing Diagnostics strives to provide you with excellent customer care.  The process is streamlined to accommodate your busy schedule and customized to maximize the results for your patient.  Flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, or FEES uses a thin endoscope with cutting edge distal chip technology for the best high definition visualization of the swallowing anatomy and physiology. 

You call, e-mail, or text and we strive to arrive within two business days, write the report while on site, and leave the invoice with the billing department that day.  It is just that simple.

Skilled nursing facility patients are seen in the comfort of their rooms and they are able to remain in bed for the procedure, eliminating the need to transport patients out of the facility. Patients are able to eat their favorite foods or trial facility specific diet textures.   

Our services go beyond just diagnosing the problem. Evidence based treatment strategies are provided specific to each patient's needs.  Facility speech-language pathologists are encouraged to assist with the procedure and are able to bill for all time spent with the patient except for the few minutes the endoscope is inserted in the patient.  Professional collaboration makes the difference between "there is a problem", and "this is the problem and here is how you can address it." Objective results are followed by evidenced based treatment recommendations.

Diagnosing swallowing problems, or dysphagia, is only part of the situation.  Preventing problems and creating the best circumstances for improvement is key.  Wisconsin Swallowing Diagnostics wants to be a part of your solution to preventing problems from starting and improving recovery for unavoidable illnesses, therefore staff inservices are provided at no cost to you.  Frequently requested topics include: proper oral care, maximizing hydration, and feeding techniques, but education can also be customized to the needs of your facility.

All of this is provided at one-fourth the cost it typically takes for a patient to be sent to a hospital for a traditional swallowing test.  

Your facility can now offer FEES.  You can provide your patients with the benefits of flexible endoscopic swallowing evaluations within your practice or location.  Expand the services you offer your patients.

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